Silver Filling Replacement

Metal amalgam fillings are common in most patients' mouths.
While these types of fillings are safe, there are numerous reasons to have them replaced. 
More and more patients are coming to realise that they do not like the look of the dark appearance of amalgam fillings, with many choosing to have them replaced with aesthetic tooth-coloured restorations.
Amalgam fillings have also been known to expand over time and cause fractures in teeth. 
Older amalgam fillings may also break down and leak over time, allowing decay-causing bacteria to enter the tooth.
While some large silver fillings should be replaced with porcelain crowns (caps), most can be restored with resin composite fillings that are chemically bonded to teeth for a tight seal. 

This is an increasingly popular procedure, as composite fillings are strong, stain-resistant, and colour-matched to that of the natural tooth.