When a tooth is fractured, has an outdated filling, or is severely damaged by decay, the placement of a crown may be recommended.
A crown is a type of dental restoration that completely caps or encircles a tooth or dental implant to create a smoother, cleaner look and enhance strength and durability. Crowns are often used to strengthen and protect the remaining tooth structure and can improve the appearance of your smile.
Crown technology has improved dramatically over the years, with today's well-constructed crowns looking and functioning just like natural teeth. They are a great option when the damage or decay is so extensive that filling materials cannot ensure the integrity of the tooth. 

Types of crowns include the full porcelain crown, the porcelain-fused-to-metal crown and the all-metal crown. It will be constructed to be the same size and shape as that of the natural tooth, and as a result will ensure that your jaw and bite are aligned.

Porcelain crowns are carefully matched in colour to ensure that they cannot be distinguished from that of the surrounding natural teeth. Porcelain crowns are the most common form used today.
Springfarm Dental's professional and knowledgeable staff will discuss the types of materials available with you if a crown is recommended.